Websites are now part of pop culture

The world that we live in today is influenced by the pop culture of the various societies that are constantly connected. The ever-changing climate means that you many forms of media will use colloquial terms and make references to various trending topics that fit that specific time. Websites too will have a lot of references to them on multiple forms of media which comment on the functions of the website, the branding and even the design of it as a homage to the impact that these websites have over pop culture which in many cases, especially here in the Web Design Malaysia environment, continues to this day with evidence being the most popular websites globally.. In this article, the focus will be placed on social media, online retail, and tabloid websites:~

  1. Social media is a notable example of having multiple references to various sites in thousands of shows. While obvious copywriting makes sure that the name is never directly lifted into those scenes, the designs of the sites are very much clear. MySpace was at the beginning of the social media craze and the designs of what it was are eerily similar. There were of course chat speak apps such as windows messenger and AOL chat that was also directly copied in design and most shows now instead follow current popular sites like Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Online retail also had a commonplace of media history as many hijinks and sunny situation arise from characters purchasing items off of online retail stores with bad results with the idea that, especially in the early years of online retail that the details of product are usually vague and do not portray any evidence to support the validity of the item. The design was once again lifted with most scenes with websites following the same format as eBay’s early years and continuing on that trend going forward.
  3. Tabloid websites have also become the butt of comedy n most of the early periods of website pop culture. Many of the scenes portrayed older folk who have no grasp on technology following the whim of whatever is written on a website to be true and that people should heed the warning of the messages written on these sites. Nowadays, these scenes are uncommon as people of any age are much more informed of what they are looking up online. Many of these sites are heavily advertised with mismatched designs, odd color combinations and weird graphics which and indicative of how fake the website is although at best real-life tabloid websites do not follow this format.

To conclude, the world of website design as well a the branding as a result of the branding of these websites signifies the mark that they have on the public and how it influences the general media and receiving references and homages from the media.…